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How to Get the Sounds 2017 | Registration
Accelerated Boot Camp

Workshops : HOW TO GET THE SOUNDS 2017 | Registration
REGISTRATION for our Level 2 class called How to Get the Sounds, being held September 21-23, 2017 at First Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth area).

How to Get the Sounds is held just one time each year. It was created for those who have either attended our Level 1 Church Sound Boot Camp, or who have a similar level of experience, and are ready to dig deeper and learn more.

In this class, we assume that you have the basics down, that you understand microphones and polar patterns, that you know how to drive a console, that you know at some level how to apply channel EQ, compression and signal processors, and now you're ready to learn new techniques that will take you to the next level.

This class is different from any other church sound class you have ever attended. We have turned the tables by inviting seasoned musicians to come and show us how they get their sounds. Our students will head home with a greater appreciation for the challenges that the players face, and a better understanding for how they can collaborate on delivering a great sound for your congregation to enjoy.

If you find at the last minute that you cannot attend, you may send a substitute from the same church. Please contact us prior to the class to let us know about the substitution.

Additional workshop details are on our CSBC website at Feel free to call us with any lingering questions at 972-747-8084, or reach us via email at

Early Registration (per person) .................... $199.00
(received by Wednesday, September 13th)

Regular Registration (per person) ................ $249.00
(after Wednesday, September 13th and on-site)

P.S. Not sure if you're ready for this Level 2 class? Then come early for our optional Accelerated Boot Camp.

It's a fast-paced refresher course filled with the core information you must understand to get the most out of the HTGTS class.

(Separate fee applies.) Click here for more details.

In Stock Quantity:
Price: $249.00