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Training Resources : Teacher's Edition: CSBC - Digital Download Version
Teacher's Edition: CSBC - Digital Download Version

This deluxe digital download edition of the Church Sound Boot Camp includes the complete audio recording of Curt teaching the workshop (coupled with video of the PPT presentation), PDF files of the Student Workbook, a Teacher's Workbook (with the answers of course), and the Teacher's Notes which describe the demonstrations and helps you understand our teaching approach.

Fully customizable PowerPoint files are included to support each training section, helping you hold your students' interest throughout your seminar.

The included InDesign CS files allow you to customize a workbook especially designed for your own training series. Also included is a video recording of Curt doing the demonstrations so you'll understand how to recreate them for your students.

Your purchase of the Teacher's Edition allows you to present these materials in a public setting. You can decide if you want to offer your classes for free or to charge for attendance.

And I should add that many churches have purchased the Teacher's Edition with no intention of ever holding a public seminar. They choose this version because of the added features that come with it.

Plus as an owner of the Teacher's Edition, you can always contact Curt with questions or to bounce ideas off of him for ways to make your seminar the best one around.

On top of that, if you're interested in training multiple churches in your region, the Teacher's Edition is the perfect tool to get you moving in the right direction. Why reinvent the training wheel when we've done much of the background work for you. Modify the materials to fit your teaching style and audience and go for it.

While you're at it, combine that teaching moment with the breath of fresh air that studying our "Heart of Technical Excellence" will give your entire worship team and tech team! This year could actually be fun! What a concept!?!

For more details, check out this page on our CSC website.

Questions? Contact us at 1-972-747-8084, or send an email to

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