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Books : The Heart of Technical Excellence (PDF)
The Heart of Technical Excellence (PDF)

This book is written from the heart of a technical support team leader to the music pastor in every church. Some of what you're about to read is exactly what your technicians have been wanting to tell you for years.


"Excellent book and recommended reading for all MoMs, WLs, Pastors, Tech Team members, etc. It should be a mandatory textbook for AVL support ministry." - Chris

"... thank you for writing this excellent book. I think we both know how sorely a book on this subject has been needed for a very long time." - Chip

"Your book is an inspiration." It helped me to see problems that are happening and things that may come up and how to deal with them in a manner that helps everyone and honors God." - Sam

My fervent hope is that these insights, comments and ideas will serve to strengthen the bond and the communication link between the technical support team and the music pastor, senior pastor, church administrator, and pastoral staff in your church. Enjoy the journey!

This download version is a PDF. You will need a PDF reader to view the book.

The book is also available in a Kindle version at Amazon

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